On-Demand Employee Skills Assessment

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Get your staff capabilities evaluated by the industry’s leading cybersecurity professionals.

Identify the Skill Gap

With ever-growing cybersecurity concerns, employee skill assessment is one of the most crucial challenges for companies. At RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs, we help organizations identify the cybersecurity skill gaps through rigorous tests, quizzes, and difficulty level-based exercises. Our security specialists associate with clients to design custom assessment modules as per their specific experience and proficiency requirements. With the largest pool of certified professionals, we support our clients with On-Demand Employee Skill Assessment services adhering to their proficiency evaluation culture and expectations. Our multidisciplinary skill assessment programs are devised by subject matter experts from various walks of cybersecurity having an edge in investigating the level of candidates’ know-how.

Our On-Demand Skill Assessment Services

We are a leading cybersecurity training & service company offering a wide spectrum of services. Serving a global client base, RedTeam Lab’s On-Demand Skill Assessment services include:

  • Level-based Capture The Flag Challenges
  • Implementation-centric Lab Exercises
  • Self-learning Online Resources
  • Potentially Vulnerable Devices & Infrastructures

How Do We Help

  • Skill validation by subject matter experts
  • Reduced assessment & skill validation costs
  • Locate areas of improvement instantly
  • Leverage the expertise of cybersecurity specialists

Why RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs?

Being an eminent cybersecurity service company focused to help businesses with highly secure digitization tools like web and mobile applications, we demonstrate our security skillfulness to the core. Associating with us for web and application services allows you to edge on:

  • Comprehensive Adversary simulation and AI-Powered penetration testing
  • Business-Centric Assumed Breach Assessments
  • Social Engineering and Managed Phishing
  • Red teaming Process Assessments
  • Security Awareness Acceleration Programs
  • Decades of experience in delivering globally acknowledged cybersecurity services
  • Largest pool of certified security practitioners dedicatedly developing business-specific security solutions
  • Extensive 24/7 support to ensure never-failing security to your business data and other digital assets


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