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Gain the competitive edge in employing effective appsec while building best in class business solutions.

Course Highlights

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  • Certified security trainers
  • 24*7 online library access
  • Real-like implementation scenarios
  • Industry leading secure software development

Course Overview

Developing secure software and applications involve an in-depth understanding of security practices, tools, technologies, and compliance. RedTeam Cybersecurity Lab’s Secure SDLC training and certification course focuses to dispense detailed know-how of developing secure applications while testing the in-development project at each stage for robust security posture. This SDLC for developers empowers application developers with hands-on know-how of developing highly secure business solutions using effective cybersecurity tools while expertly explaining core concepts of threat modelling, app sec, secure coding practices, application security testing with burp suite, and much more.

Why Secure SDLC ?

SSDLC (Secure SDLC) training and certification course from RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs dispense project-based understanding of:

  • Secure SDLC framework
  • Far-reaching security awareness
  • Need of application security for businesses
  • Designing, developing, and deploying applications with minimized risks
  • Application security best practices
  • Global app sec standards and compliance
  • Securing software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Secure coding and review
  • Agile application security validating and testing techniques using Burp suite
  • Application penetration testing
  • Responding to cybersecurity incidents at each stage of SDLC
  • Secure software deployment

Course Objectives

This SDLC training for developers delivers working knowledge of:

  • Application security requirements and importances
  • SDLC stages
  • Threat modelling and categorization
  • Application security architecture and design
  • Application security testing with Burp suite
  • Application code analysis and review
  • Application vulnerabilities scanning and penetration testing
  • Secure application deployment

Target Audience

  • Application developers
  • Project managers
  • Cybersecurity engineers
  • QA & testing professionals
  • Application security testers
  • Penetration testing professionals
  • Security auditors

Pre- requisites

  • Basic understanding of application development process
  • Familiarity with application security concepts

Why RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs

RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs is a security-focused consulting company that endeavors to deliver niche security services and awareness training across all information security domains. With a pool of certified security experts from worldwide, we analyze specific security concerns of our clients and strategize perfect fitting cost-effective security solutions. Our expertise of over decades in cybersecurity awareness training and services has earned us good name and leading position in the industry.

Associating with RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs helps you leverage:

  • Our expertise in delivering business value-adding cybersecurity services
  • Extensive experience of our security experts from any corner of the world
  • Access to our comprehensive library of learning resources
  • Hands-on learning in fully-equipped hi-tech online labs
  • Practice sessions in real-like challenging scenarios


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