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Source Code Review Services

Exposing Vulnerabilities with Source Code Review

    Labs Source code or Security code review is critical to the application defense against cyberattacks. RedTeam delivers comprehensive Source Code Review services to evaluate application security posture through 360-degree code audits. With an edge in proven source code review tools, techniques,and best practices, we detect design flaws and logical bugs such as memory leaks, buffer overflow, etc. Our team of certified cybersecurity specialists implements a blend of manual and automated source code review processes to uncover potential vulnerabilities including underrated coding, injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), cryptography, and session management issues. Following rigorous code review practices, we enable organizations to identify susceptible areas and remediate quickly- preventing the code from exploitation.

Our Source Code Review Capabilities

    SpanningDoom Source Code Review, Quake 3 Source Code Review, Android Source Code Review, and other security code reviews, our code audit competencies ensure that the deployed application works as expected and is not prone to cyberattacks. We analyze every stage of SDLC by reviewing the source code at all lengths and breadths to detect:
  • Authorization & Authentication Concerns
  • Injection Flaws
  • Exception/ Error Handling Mistakes
  • Encryption Anomalies
  • Logging &Code Audit
  • Session Related Issues
  • Configuration Insecurities
Best Source Code Review Approach

Source Code Review Approach

Having served several clients around the globe, RedTeam Labs is a preferred company for source code review in software testing.

Our approach to reviewing security code constitutes:

  • Code Structure Analysis
  • Source Code Review Roadmap
  • Automated & Manual Code Assessment
  • Bugs & Flaws Discovery & Recording
  • Vulnerabilities Analysis & Verification
  • Source Code Review Report Generation

Why RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs

Being an eminent cybersecurity service company focused to help businesses with highly secure digitization tools like web and mobile applications, we demonstrate our security skillfulness to the core. Associating with us for web and application services allows you to edge on:

  • Comprehensive Adversary simulation and AI-Powered penetration testing
  • Business-Centric Assumed Breach Assessments
  • Social Engineering and Managed Phishing
  • Red teaming Process Assessments
  • Security Awareness Acceleration Programs
  • Decades of experience in delivering globally acknowledged cybersecurity services
  • Largest pool of certified security practitioners dedicatedly developing business-specific security solutions
  • Extensive 24/7 support to ensure never-failing security to your business data and other digital assets


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